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“Dr. Roshan & staff –

I just want to thank you, Dr. Roshan and all the ladies at the office, for making my experience with this procedure so positive. Your patience, kindness, and gentleness truly touched my heart & I will be forever thankful.”
– Anonymous

“I have lived in D.C. for sometime now and the only thing I was still going out to the suburbs for was a dentist. I just had terrible luck with them in D.C. until I found Georgetown Dentistry. My insurance recommended them since they had heard only great things about the office. I had problems with my teeth from the work (or lack of work) that my prior dentist had done. The staff here were great and were quick to fix the problems with my teeth scheduling me at an early time. They even called me back on a Sunday which is something I have not had in a long time!

The facility is beautiful and the staff work extra hard to put you at ease and explain everything the work they are doing. It is a bit more expensive than what I am used to but it is well worth the price since they do exceptional work and treat you well. I now don’t have to leave D.C. for a dentist and will be going back to them for all my dental needs.

Oh and while you are waiting they give you an iPad to use. I thought it was a cute gimmick at first until I needed to actually look something up while I was there so it is a nice addition.”
John D.

“My son had a bike accident and needed to see a dentist ASAP. Well, he called a few dentists and Georgetown Dentistry was the first to return the call, and well, that is how he became their patient. It was all good from that point on. My son is a grad student and I live overseas and I was very worried about his condition. He had a lot of trauma to his mouth and had broken his two front teeth! Georgetown Dentistry worked quickly, and expertly fixed him up as good as new. They responded immediately to a worried mother’s concern and my son was also very comfortable in their care. We got lucky. And… He he now has a beautiful smile.”
– Laura P.

“Dr. Roshan is the best dentist ever. She and her newish practice are very professional, prompt, efficient, and friendly. The dentistry there is the best I ever have had. I used to see her when she was at Yusefi, and have followed her to her own practice. The office is almost like a spa! It is relaxing, as the staff tries to make you comfortable while you wait during your appointment. They offer you the office iPad while you wait in the exam chair! I recently had a comprehensive exam/cleaning, as well as 3 fillings put in. The exam was extremely thorough. Dr. Roshan explained her evaluation of my teeth in a way no dentist ever had. She was very careful while putting my fillings in. I felt like she cared a lot for my dental health. Look no further if searching for a new dentist. She does accept a couple of insurance plans, which is helpful, of course.”
Joshua G.

“I was a patient of Dr. Roshan’s, before she opened up her own practice. I followed her when she left, because she is the best dentist I ever had. There are many things that set Dr. Roshan’s practice apart. She genuinely cares about her patients, the staff is warm and inviting, and the office and equipment is clean, shiny, and new. They offer Saturday appointments occasionally (I requested one and she agreed to see me on Saturday), and she is very accommodating overall. All in all, a very customer- focused practice, which I have never found anywhere else.”
– Greg J.

“Dr. Roshan is an absolute perfectionist. Unlike some dentists who will either find work to be done for work’s sake, or who will do things quick & dirty – Dr. Roshan will meticulously work on your teeth for as long as it takes to get it right. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Also, it’s a brand new chic clinic replete with all the newest equipment, so you don’t feel like you’re stepping into a horror movie when you go to the dentist here. Also, she’s very nice – for those of you who fear your dentists.”
– Navid S.

“Dr. Roshan is the best dentist I have ever had. She is extremely thorough, skilled and gentle. She goes out of her way to make sure her patients are comfortable and receiving the highest quality care possible. She recently fixed a cracked tooth for me, I was worried it would be an uncomfortable process but it was not. My tooth is now back to normal, you can’t tell it was ever cracked. As long as I am living in the DC area, I will not go to any other dentist.”
– Greg J.

“Dr. Roshan cares deeply about her patient’s well being, and that fact is continually reinforced throughout each visit. If she isn’t completely satisfied with the work she has done, whether it be cosmetic or otherwise, she will always take the time to make things perfect. Her warm and calming demeanor only matches her professionalism and experience. Dr. Roshan, and her entire staff are among the very best and most enjoyable dental professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Highly Recommended!!!”

“My name if Jeff Litton and I wanted to give a review of Dr. Roshan and Georgetown Dentistry. The back story is simply that I thought all dentists were more or less the same and delivered more or less the same level of expertise when it came to dentistry. The adjustment to my viewpoint came as I noticed I was having food caught between my teeth. Turns out that the food was getting caught due to poor work performed by a previous dentist. A crown had been hastily glued and the extra glued was allowed to remain creating a trap for food.
In contrast to this I was evaluated by Dr. Roshan and I instantly could tell the difference in how precise she was being just on the evaluation. She was extremely thorough and I knew the exact extent of treatment I would need to return my mouth to full oral health. She started with some fillings and a crown. She took the time to ensure the crown was a perfect fit. Everything she did was with a precision and exactness I had never experienced before!
I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Roshan and Georgetown Dentistry to anyone seeking a more precise dental experience and demanding a higher standard of care where their dental work was concerned!”
Jeff Litton, Dental Patient