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Georgetown Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Roshan is the greatest human - I had some horrible experiences with dentists in DC and Dr. Roshan has truly been a lifesaver. She is an absolute p...

Eugenie L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Roshan for many years and have nothing but extremely positive feedback to share about about my experience. Dr. Roshan tru...

James C.

I am still a patient and my only change has been in dental insurance, for the better. Dr. Maya remains the best dentist I have ever encountered.

Wendy P.

I came in to see Dr. Roshan because of a gap I’ve had between my two front teeth. She recommended eight Porcelain Veneers. I had a few sessions and ab...

Laila S.

You want a dentist to be excellent in three key areas: 1. technical expertise and abilities, 2. an eye for aesthetics and 3. kindness and a good bedsi...

Rebecca G.

I LOVE Dr. Roshan!! She has definitely had a positive impact on the health of my teeth and self esteem. She listens, puts for the necessary time and e...

Jay J.

Dr. Roshan is the dentist everyone wishes they had discovered earlier: she is attune to your needs, incredibly cautious that you not feel pain, and a ...

Caroline G.

I LOVE Dr Roshan and her staff. I have sensitive teeth and past scary & painful dental experiences that make me very nervous going to the dentist. I a...

Marie S.

You can read my longer review below, but here is my brief impression: I find Dr Roshan such a remarkable dentist that she is a reason for me remaining...

Vijay S.

10 stars. The practice, staff, accommodation, ease of appointment, and Dr Roshan are 10 stars and more. The office is centrally located near the fogg...

S S.

Dr. Roshan is first class, as is her entire staff and practice. They always make me feel welcome, are extremely professional and responsive, and they ...

Kate B.

Dr. Roshan is extremely thorough, methodical, and detail-oriented. She earned my trust immediately by listening very attentively to my needs and I was...

Jackelyn K.

Best dentist I have ever been to I was out of the country and had not been to the dentist in years and Dr. Roshan was so kind and not at all judgy li...

Ashlyn W.

Dr. Roshan did an excellent job with the creation and application of six cosmetic veneers. They were done almost four years ago. I recently moved ci...

Colleen T.

I discovered Dr. Roshan and her team because I had a toothache emergency. Apparently, some of the best things in the world are discovered unscheduled....

Michael C.

You can't beat Dr. Roshan. She cares so deeply about each and every patient. She takes her time with you and clearly explains clinical and preventativ...

Seth D.

I have been going to Dr. Roshankar for over seven years and it is always a fantastic experience. She is thorough, takes time to discuss your teeth, is...

Emily M.

the place is clean, the staff is great and the Doctor is honest and perfectionist, that is why the appointments might start a little late but i can al...

Maya R.

My son had a bike accident and needed to see a dentist ASAP. Well, he called a few dentists and Georgetown Dentistry was the first to return the call...

Laura P.

Dr. Roshan is the best dentist ever. She and her newish practice are very professional, prompt, efficient, and friendly. The dentistry there is the ...

Joshua G.

Dr. Roshan is an absolute perfectionist. Unlike some dentists who will either find work to be done for work's sake, or who will do things quick & dir...

Navid S.


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